Danielle Dutson to be Featured Artist at Willow opening.

One of the goals for Willow Restaurant is that it will serve as a venue for local craftspeople and artisans to showcase their work.  In addition to Portland's Growers and Farmers, John Pickett and Doug Weiler hope to collaborate with local Potters, Carpenters, Musicians and Artists.  It is through this ongoing collaboration that we hope to cement Willow as a truly Portland Kitchen.  A restaurant that reflects the creativity, hard work and vision that helps to define the city.

Danielle Dutson has agreed to be the first Featured Artist at Willow by painting three custom pieces for the restaurant, to be hung for opening day.  Her work, often on canvas with acrylic, oil and charcoal, is a welcome addition to our space.  We are very excited to hang her artwork in our dining room.  

After graduating from Idaho State University with a BFA in Painting, Danielle moved to Portland.  While her 'day job' is as Private Dining Captain at Bluehour, Danielle remains committed to creating art full time.