Crossroads Collaborative video

As many of you know, Willow Restaurant had its origins in the pop-up series by Crossroads Collaborative.  Alongside Tony Wilkie, Doug Weiler and John Pickett began to hone their vision of Willow and have an opportunity to put that vision into action.  In the Fall of 2014 and in the first half of 2015, Crossroads presented 5 distinct pop-up menus over 8 nights; these menus ranged from 8 to 16 courses, including one entirely vegetarian menu, and included the now-signature 'Snacks and Surprises' element of our pop-ups.  

The video link below was shot by Blair Warner over the day preceding our last Crossroads pop-up,  in mid-April.  We had Blair focus on the day-before because so much of our success is a direct result of the things that our guests never see: washing skin-on heirloom carrots with a small brush instead of peeling, a blanch-shock-season-puree-dehydrate method for a simple garnish.  There is a lot to see and taste at our pop-ups, but the real magic happens before anyone ever arrives.

Many thanks to Blair Warner for an outstanding job and a beautiful video that helps showcase our passion and the devotion this work demands.  Huge thanks to Tony Wilkie for his creativity, his diligence and his dedication to the craft.  We must also thank the many farmers, growers, market staff and purveyors who helped us source some of the best product a Chef could ask for.  Finally, we thank our guests: foodies, friends, family, co-workers, former instructors and chefs who came to our pop-ups and supported us and the vision of beautiful, local and sustainable cooking.

Enjoy the video: