Willow Restaurant now accepting reservations!

Mattie John Bamman over at EaterPDX has announced that we are officially accepting reservations for dinner beginning March 1st!  This is a big moment for Willow as it is the first time that we will be able to open our doors at a brick and mortar.  Located in SE Portland, at 2005 SE 11th (SE 11th & Harrison), Willow Restaurant is going to be open for dinner 5 nights a week, with two or three seatings per evening.

Designed around a tasting menu format, which a special emphasis on technique and vegetable cookery, Doug and John have created a restaurant concept that is focused entirely on the guest experience.  Offering 6 courses for $50, plus additional pairings and gratuity, Willow is sure to be a place that you return to often.

Please see our home page or visit willowpdx.tocktix.com to make your reservation!